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as protesters continue to clash with police/video just in from cairo, ediplomat near the u.s. embassy. the u.s. is sending two warships in to libya in response to the attacks that killed a bay area u.s. diplomat along with three others. among the dead, ambassador christopher stevens. he went to high school and college in the bay area and was appointed to that post in libya within the last few months. heather ishimaru with a look at steven's life. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> reporter: chris stevens made this video to introduce himself to the people of libya. friends and family described him as a natural diplomat. a dream ambassador, knowledgeable, experienced and quietly unpreten showers. >> the world needs more of these guys not fewer and i think it is why he was so good at his job because he was always trying to find ways to find common ground between people. >> this was something completely unexpected considering how well liked the a.m. was door -- ambassador was in libya and how effective he had been. >> he was fluent in arabic. >> one of the thi
80's and early 90's. also the first portable p c for the armed services. until that point mobile computers were like portable sewing machine waiing weighing more than 20 pounds with a big handle. bill died this weekend from cancer. he was 69 years old. >>> his legacy continues. toys-r-us launching its own tablet computer aimed at children. it will sell for 150 dollars. 7 inch screen. wi-fi connection and 50 pre-loaded kid friendly app. >> anticipation builds for the launch of apple phone 5 j p morgan says the phone could add up to half percent of the nation gd p. speculation abounds about what new feature the phone will v. l david has sifted through the rumor mill and here's everyone's best best guesses. >> almost everyone seems to have an i-phone 4 s on the san jose state campus. they use to it talk text and play music even for navigation. christina would like app toll make one big improvement when the new i-phone comes out wednesday. >> i would like to it process instead of regular map. it's hard to drive and look at the phone at the same time. so many times i'm almos
upper 50's and pull back and when did you see trickle of high clouds moving through the bay area we have those today. we'll continue to see some high cloud moving through tomorrow as the weak trough hanging back offshore. here's generating the flow the stream of high clouds in our direction so see few more tomorrow but won't have a significant cooling effect on us nor will the rather shallow marine layer 1,000 feet deep and coastal area a little bit on the cool side but inland area nice and warm tomorrow. so forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. see the fog early morning midday hours back to the coast then away from the coast. sunny sky and wide range of high pressure from low to mid 60's at the coast. 70's to about 80 around the bay. then 80's to 90's in our inland location. in the south bay we see high mainly in the low 80' 80's. 81 at san jose and cupertino. 83 saratoga. peninsula high of 72 at san mateo o. 76 redwood city. 77 palo alto and coastal high 59 at pacifica. 63 at half moon bay. in and around san francisco high from 62 at the sunset district to 66 do
says one of the last people to see the father alive was father jerry lindn e&s. the priest recently attacked by a man he is accused of molesting years ago. that man wil lynch came to the parking garage today to support the family who is now offering a $5,000 reward for information. >> even though this is a cold case, some 8 years old, the family is still hoping someone saw something. we have a link on our website where you can leave a tip. in san jose, abc 7 news. >>> oakland police are looking for the person who led them on a high speed chase tonight. it was brief, it lasted only five minutes and ended when the driver crashed into two cars and a van at mac arthur boulevard and richie street. sky 7 hd was overhead as one person was loaded ton an ambulance. we believe this was someone who was in the car being chased. the driver ran away from the crash. officers blocked off traffic in the area as they continue searching for the drive he. >>> a heated city council meeting in oakland is prompting officials to talk about changing the way the public sessions are congress ducted all togeth
homecoming today for those 4 americans killed in libya. shawn smith. glen doherty. tyrone woods and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. casket met by grieving family along with president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. more tonight from martha. >> if up late at tonight you you have undoubtedly seen one of these. >> super snack. >> we apologize we will try to get that piece by martha in for you in just a moment. >> president obama today called the leaders of will i objectia, egypt and yemen asking them to ensure the country security in police to protect americans. he notified congress he was sending combat equip marines to protect american interest. situation is still unstable there. we are on the ground in cairo. >> in cairo today the u.s. embassy under siege. running battle between protestor hurling rock and security force firing back tear gas an water canon. using a create wall to defend the embassy. what is it you want. >> promise from american government that will not happen next year or any other year any more. all government stop disrespecting muslims. stop disres
. >>reporter: would be kidnapper is described as a white man in his 20's to 30's approximately 6 feet tall with freckle and facial hair. we have a reporter heading to san mateo and will bring you the very latest as soon as we have it. >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney arrives this evening at san francisco international airport where he was joined by former secretary of state george shuttle. mitt romney hasn't spent a lot of time in the bay area but when he has it has often been in hillsboro. he held a fundraiser there in may. that's where he is tonight at the historic strawberry hill estate for another big money pick up. amma is there live for us tonight. amma? >>reporter: republican presidential nominee mitt romney just left the event about 8:45 to just 15 minutes ago and ever since guests have been filing out. now you can see he arrived by motorcade at 6:15 this evening and he arrived with a wave to protestors who were gather jeans outside handful who held their signs in support of president obama. now the people standing and supported mitt romney didn't seem too
the coast line. see low pressure mainly in the low mid 50's perhaps upper 40's north bay valley there water vapor satellite image this area of orange color here indicates very dry air aloft. that dry air will soon be replaced by more moist air as we pull back and show you the remnant of tropical storm elian a and moisture from tropical depression john flowing in our direction. in our direction already and reaching us soon. start the forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight and overnight tomorrow night into wednesday we see some of the clouds and sub tropical moisture flowing up into the bay area and by wednesday slight chance of showers mainly south of monterey or from monterey south ward but still close enough that it is important to post it and show you it is on its way. tomorrow nothing but mainly sunny skies on the way and another warm day as well south bay high pressure mainly in the mid upper 80's. 85 at san jose. 86 at cupertino. up to 90 at los gatos. peninsula we see high high ranging from mid 70's to 80's. 75 at millbrae. 78 san mateo o. 83 at palo alto. mount view. o
: convert suffered the worst of the damp. displacing 4 91 s who live there. >> p uc says it was 42 inch main that broke and part of newly renovated system but still investigating the cause of that break. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >>> moving on to weather was. reporter depend on tips forecast looks pretty good. >> yes. some of the warmer more summer lake heat from the inland area will start to dissipate over the next few days but remain nice an mild and mostly dry. l mostly. here's east bay camera over in emeryville. things are looking good over there. a little moisture in the air. haze pick up there but the lecloud and fog are pretty much cop typhoon to the coast line right now and mainly clear around the bay inland. you can see the image of the fog pressed up against the coast line and moving locally across the coast and north bay there. right now mainly clear skies and temperature readings of 72 in san rafael. 55 in san francisco. 63 oakland. 74 over antioch. 61 if san jose. these are the highlights. partly cloudy overnight. see mix of clouds sun tomorrow quite a bit of sun
the middle east. it happened right now. citigroup j p morgan chase bank of america wells fargo u.s. bank corp and today p nc. millions of people locked out of their account on line. maybe it happened to you. the government is tracking the activity trying to prevent from it becoming a full scale financial nightmare. tonight pierre thomas on who is behind it and what it means for your money. >> tonight the financial banking industry is on high alert. massive cyberattack remains under way. potentially millions of customers trying to bank on line this week blocked. among the target bank of america. p nc wells fargo oychlt there is elevated level of threat. threat is now high. >>reporter: sources tell the us it's denial of service attack. where hacker from the middle east have secretly taken thousands of computers worldwide. those computers zombie overwhelmed bank web site with barrage of traffic. different bank targeted on different days. today was p nc turn. >> we tried for 3 hours to get on p nc web site but we couldn't get through. >>reporter: facebook today frustrated customers. c
. temperatures in the 50's mid to upper 50's most part and 61 right now at antioch. here are the highlights. cloudy skies developing tonight with 80's of chris's el. slightly warmer tomorrow than it was today and much warmer on subpoenaed and on monday which is labor day. start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight. we expect to see wide spread clouds pushing well l inland and a little pockets of drizzle here and there around the bay area and overnight low will be in rather uniform range mainly low to mid 50's. 51 to 56. 50 to 56 most of the bay area and again little pockets of scattered drizzle. okay here's happening in the atmosphere. satellite image upper level low that started this cooling tren trend. 2 day cooling trend. it heads east tomorrow still keep the cooling influence over us so one more much cooler than a day but a little bit milder than today than on sunday. warm-up. lets look at high for tomorrow starting in the south bay where it's partly cloudy. partly sunny. high pressure mainly in the mid 70's. 74 santa clara 75 san jose and cupertino on the peninsula hi
the children outside of the u.s. after it was revealed he had quit his job, closed his bank accounts, got rid of his assets and sold his home. the order also points out mcfay had lived in thailand and had several bank accounts there. now according to this restraining order, there must be a court hearingn the matter. june has asked that mcfay appear in court two weeks from today. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >>> more news to report. body found in a remote part of the county prompted all kinds of speculation tonight about who it might be. authorities are on the scene where a body has been found discovered in a heavily wooded area off canon road. sorry about that. now to amma who is in that area live tonight with the very latest and concern and questions here are about whether this ace young girl who has been missing for 6 months. >>reporter: correct dan. now the body was found just after 9 this morning and police have spent the better part of the day on scene investigating. it was found by a driver who was driving down 101 and pulled off intercanon road. as you said it's a heavily w
this the evening to remember ambassador chris stevens. he was killed last we can when the u.s. consulate was attacked in benghazi libya. ambassador stevens graduated from san francisco school of law. students held a vigil in his memory. >> doesn't matter whether we were burn when he attended hastings. he knows everything about it. he talked the same corridor. sat in the same classroom. may that he had the same professors and we are connected to this person. he was a great person. great person to be connected to. >>reporter: u.s. government believes stevens died of smoke inhalation from the fires set on the compound. lybian say he was found alive. u.s. is still investigating act exactly what happened. they say extremist turned anti-film protest into an assault. al qaeda has said it was a revenge attack. >>> p.m. and the video sparked another massive rally in lebanon. leader of hezbollah is asking world government to block access to web sites showing the film. he disnot appear in public fear of assassinated and rally held in other nations as well. where did the outrage beg
now to stop it. >>reporter: u.s. attorney office and u.s. department of education. busted several major student financial aid fraud ring in california. 17 people have been arrested in the last month alone. from sacramento all the way to el cajon. affecting mostly community colleges and for profit schools like university of phoenix. agent recovered nearly 1 million dollars in california. nationally the figure is more than 8 million dollars. >> those who rip off federal aid funds can expect to find themselves in a prison cell instead of a class ramp. >>reporter: it worked like this. >> defendant sometimes applied in their own names but more often recruited straw students who had no intention of actually attending college classes. >>reporter: once the college gets the federal financial aid check and deducts tuition the rest is given to student to cover book food transportation but the thieves drop out of school and responsible the money on luxury. easy to get away with because of the popularity of on line classes. where students hardly ever interact with school officials or t
a case of somebody trying to beat the light. in oakland, 7 news. >> 19 u.s. military veterans filed a lawsuit in san francisco federal court saying they were raped while in the armed forces and faced retaliation for reporting the crime. 2 of the defendants spoke about their ordeal at uc hastings college of law. they told stories of harassment and assault by military superiors. danielle was raped several times she says. starting as recruit in 2003. >> i thought hi 2 choices. will or unwilling. i knew that if i stood up for myself again i would have been punished mor more. isolated more. and abandoned. >>reporter: congresswoman spear joined the plaintiffs. she sponsoring bail called the stop act. that would create an impartial office of civilian and military experts to rae view rape cases in the arm services. now this past tuesday secretary of defense panetta ordered military to improve its sexual assault prevention programs. >> governor brown signed legislation today that creates the nation first state run retirement savings program for private sector workers. it covers mor
. this is the time of year we see dense fog. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it certainly is getting cool outside. fog tonight, dense in patches and warming begins tomorrow. look at that warm and hot weather for the weekend so we will turn off the natural a.c. and crank up the heat. good sleeping weather tonight. upper 40s to 50s tomorrow morning. thick fog may slow down your morning commute. bundle up as you head out the door. here is a look at satellite picture, water vapor imagery and we have a warmer pattern developing. you see the jetstream, faster upper level winds that move it to the upper part of the atmosphere, that is way off to the north. we have a large ridge of high pressure that is going to set up and that is what is going to provide us with some warmth. it all begins tomorrow but as the high pressure builds inland we'll start to see warm wind developing off the warm land going towards the ocean. that is when the heat will peak on sunday. hot conditions in our inland valleys, near hundred degrees. tomorrow will be a warm day. 80 in sunnyvale. 82 for san jose and nice day on the peni
in the head. >>> u.s. embassy are attacked in egypt and license yeah one american dead. we have the very latest plus. >> he has the weapon in the hand. he has ak 47. >> very tense situation in los angeles tonight as police chase a murder suspect. >> i'm expense interthe accu-weather forecast center as our late summer warming continues will it last through the weekend? find out in my accu-weather find out in my accu-weather forecast coming up >> also ahead. larry king has new tv gig. the billionaire who is paying him to stay behind the camera. >> and mysterious case of china disappearing [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work, errands, a greasy bag of deep-fried easy. ♪ fortunately with hamburger helper's 40 varieties a home-cooked meal is never out of reach. hamburger helper. help is on the way. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> an american
's, 60's, 74 in antioch. here are the highlights. fog tonight. dense in spots. a little cooler tomorrow. then heating up thursday through saturday. tomorrow morning make sure you bundle up when you leave home. item going to be on the cool side. especially in the north bay valley mid upper 40's. most other areas in the low mid 50's and you will see some fog around for the morning commute. like i said it may dense in spots so you might be slow go for the morning commute. water vapor imagery. satellite picture showing you the atmosphere. we'll see small changes for your wednesday afternoon. it really will be in the form of a slightly cooler day as we see a stronger sea breeze setting in for your wed afternoon. by the time we head into thursday friday and really the weekend high pressure sets up right here. we get this offshore flow which is a wind that blows toward the ocean and when that happens we will see much warmer weather for your weekend. this is going to mean beach weather for the friday through sunday time period. 70's at the coast. we get you up into the mid 90
and diminishing our threat of thunderstorms overnight. current temperatures in the 60s around the bay area. 72 degrees in antioch. 57 san francisco. these are the highlights. showers ending overnight replaced by dryer air. skies turning sunny tomorrow and a mild pattern friday through sunday and a calm one i might add. overnight tonight still some moisture lingering. fog at the coast. overnight lows mainly in the mid 50s tonight and here is what is happening in the atmosphere. satellite and radar composite shows a remnant low from what was tropical storm john well, to the south down in the pacific. generating a floor of moisture up in our direction. a warm stream of moisture into southern california. subtropical moisture. another stream throw flowing into the bay area which fueled whatever active weather we had today but start the forecast animation at 11:00. tonight. the moisture will tie tomorrow morning. during the day sunny skies tomorrow and dryer conditions and calmer more seasonal weather. down in the south bay look for partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies tomorrow. highs from upper 70s
comments from both sides about what the u.s. must do next to stop iran. jake has more from the united nations in new york. >> as president obama arrives in new york city today mitt romney was focused on comments the president made to 60 minutes about whether recent events in the muslim world gave mr. obama pause about supporting the arab spring movement. president said no. >> i was pretty certain that continue to be pretty certain there will be bumps in the roa road. >> in colorado today the republican thom knee berated the president accusing him of down playing serious threats. >> he said the development in the middle east are bumps in the road. that was my reactio reaction. bumps in the road. we had an ambassador assassinated. >>reporter: white house insisted the president was referring broadly to transformation in the region. >> there is a certain rather desperate attempt to grasp at words and phrases here to find political advantage in this case that's profoundless sens senseless. >>reporter: this comes before intensely serious international back drop. not just up rest in th
. temperature readings 56 degrees in san francisco. 62 across the bay in oakland. we have low to mid 60's in most of our inland location and these are the highlights. we see some coastal clouds developing overnight. mild pattern friday through sunday. mild to warm and some even warmer days next week. so summer is not done with us yet of night low pressure mainly mid 50's up in the north bay valley cooler with low dropping to the upper 40's at clover dale santa rosa and nap the satellite image shows in the orange coloring here the return of dry air aloft so we have a nice dry pattern for the next several days awarm one as well. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning coastal fog at that hour but quickly burn away giving us mainly sunny skies again from coast to inland high pressure in the coast right around 60 or just above. 70's around the bay upper dwroys 90 in the war warmest inland location. meanwhile a beach hazard advisory issue for monterey bay tomorrow the night friday night through sunday afternoon. chance of strong rip current because of the big northwest swell developing. wav
change is going to be in the form of patchy low clouds by morning. temperatures look like this 50's at the coast. 60's most other areas except antioch at 72 degrees and we will notice the temperatures will fall once again tonight so chilly night ahead. patchy clouds mild weather tomorrow. and we lack at warmer conditions for the first day of fall which takes place this saturday morning 7:49. tomorrow morning you will need the extra layer. it is going to be on the chilly side on the north bay where numbers dip to the mid to upper 40's. patchy clouds around the bay and temperature in most other areas low to mid 50's. nights getting longer and colder out there. okay mostly clear when the shuttle play over takes place heading in the state capitol. low cloud layer 1,000 feat as it turns towards the golden gate bridge and heads back to moffitt field it should be mostly clear vawing at that point. of course the times are changing so stay tuned. depending on the weather conditions but this is the set up as of right new. if you leif on the peninsula south bay or east bay or you have
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21